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Using websites si.2smart.io users accept the published general terms and conditions. si.2smart.io. users and the general conditions governing the mutual obligations of purchasing online si.2smart.io. General Terms and Conditions have been prepared in accordance with applicable Slovenian legislation. si.2smart.io. It reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions on the website of si.2smart.io at any time and without notice. Any changes to the general terms and conditions are binding for users.

Visitors can website content si.2smart.io used solely for personal and non-commercial purposes. The contents are protected by copyright. Any other use, copying, publication and distribution of web contents or their individual parts without permission si.2smart.io. prohibited.

Data supplied by the user via forms on pages si.2smart.io or otherwise (by e-mail, phone, etc.) Are confidential and are treated in accordance with applicable Slovenian legislation. Personal data will si.2smart.io. protect and prevent their misuse. Personal data will be used only for the purposes for which the user has given his consent. For the protection of personal data is liable to the user so as to ensure the security of your username and password.
si.2smart.io. Download all personal user data using SSL technology, which is responsible for the encoding of all information sent with orders. Information on the credit card you provide in the event of such payment method in coded form from your computer directly to the authorization server of the bank.

The website si.2smart.io is possible to purchase products presented in the online store si.2smart.io. These products can be a buyer from the European Union to a third party within the European Union. Buyers from Slovenia can also purchase other services related to the items in the store si.2smart.io.
Order online si.2smart.io is awarded when a user receives an automatic e-mail notification. This electronic notification is not a confirmation that the product is in stock or that is in progress dispatch. The order will be confirmed no later than 2 business days after placing the order, and that a new email message notification confirming naročila.V case that the ordered product is not in stock or to order can not be carried out due to other reasons, the user will be notified by email.si.2smart.io. will be confirmed orders si.2smart.io regarded as irrevocable. In the event of a fault may be the buyer at no extra cost cancel the order at the time of receiving an email order confirmation.
si.2smart.io. contract may be refused if it suspects that there has been abuse websites si.2smart.io. The performance of the contract the buyer confirms that he was acquainted with the general conditions and that was it expressly warned.
The purchase contract is stored in si.2smart.io., the customer can access it at any time to access your account via the online store.

The buyer has the right to trade si.2smart.io 14 days written notice to withdraw from the contract, at the e-mail address info@2smart.io. Fourteen-day deadline for withdrawal shall begin on the day following the date of receipt / delivery of the goods ordered. In the electronic communication of withdrawal clearly indicate the decision to deviate from the contract (with your name and the date of the contract awarded) or fill out the withdrawal.

All prices are in Euros (EUR) and are tied to the country. For buyers from countries of the European Union the prices include value added tax (VAT). For buyers from countries which are not members of the European Union, the value added tax (VAT) is not charged, but these buyers are obliged to pay all costs associated with the import clearance of goods, including any import duties, in accordance with the applicable legislation of the country of import, on which they are explicitly warned at the time of purchase. When buying, the prices and discounts at the time of contract award. For each purchase at the online store si.2smart.iois charged online discount. Prices are valid until a new price list online si.2smart.io .Roki force of special offers in the online shop si.2smart.io are listed in the online shop si.2smart.io. These prices are valid only for purchases made at the online store 2smart.io.

● For customers in Slovenia are two ways of payment:
a) cash on delivery purchase price paid by the customer e-mail to the staff member at the reception of the goods.
b) Credit karticamiPlačilo with Visa, Mastercard – via secure online payment woocommerce. more
● For customers in all other countries, there is one method of payment:
b) Credit karticamiPlačilo with Visa, Mastercard – via secure online payment woocommerce. more
To pay the full purchase price remain the property of the selected items axi.si

Shipping is done through GLS, the Post of Slovenia and her correspondent partners in individual countries.

Delivery of goods is 4-10 working days.