Lan Controller V3

It is a completely new device greatly expanded functionality compared to version v2. It acts as a web server, which presents readings of various types of sensors: temperature, humidity, voltage, current, events, and allows you to control remotely up to 6 outputs. The device is designed and manufactured in Poland.

Advanced hardware

In the new version has been added amplifiers for the measurement of small signals – this is possible, for example, simple and safe measurement of AC current. There are also outputs the PWM control, for example the brightness of lights or the speed of the electric motor and the servo control modeling. For ease of installation in remote installations plate can be powered by PoE. Updating the software by the user is now very easy.

New extension

The new version also means new opportunities for expansion – apart rails 1wire read temperature is available I2C serial port to which they are prepared appropriate sensors. It is now available humidity and temperature sensor AM2320. There is also a new splitter bus 1wire with I2C, and a new board relays. Splitter and PCB relays are on the base can be mounted on a DIN rail.

New communication protocol

In addition to used in the previous version of HTTP and SNMP to exchange data with other devices, also added support for a new protocol MQTT developed and made available by IBM for IoT applications. On the basis of this protocol will be available the service of remote data collection, processing and viewing data sent by Lan Controller, as well as control outputs, even when the device is behind a router.


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Lan Controller

We hope that our customers come up with hundreds of new applications for Lan Controller not only across the Internet provider networks but also in homes, farms, plants and much more. So please share your ideas and original realizations in the forum. With our steep we will increase the number of supported sensors to widen the field of application.

Please note that there could be differences in features for different versions of firmare. On the other ou can find examples of applications, technical features and specification, compatybile accesories and escribe of firmware versions.